Painting Classes

We have many different project ideas for all ages and levels. It’s like a private lesson inside a group setting, allowing for more one-on-one help from the instructor in a calm and supportive atmosphere. It’s a fun and therapeutic way to develop your skills.

We will assess each student and develop the best program for the sessions they are here to create art and have fun. Everyone is working on a different picture from a category of their level.

School Art Curriculum Year

SEPTEMBER – JUNE ( Age 6-18)

You can pay monthly.
All the materials and taxes are included.
* One hour and 20 minute-$29

MONDAY  |  4:30-5:50pm, 6:10-7:30pm

TUESDAY   |  4:30-5:50pm, 6:10-7:30pm

WEDNESDAY  |  4:30-5:50pm, 6::10-7:30pm

THURSDAY  |  4:30-5:50pm, 6:10-7:30pm

FRIDAY  |  4:30-5:50pm, 6:10-7:30pm

SATURDAY I 10-11:20am,1-2:20pm

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